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“My life is busy and I feel like I am stuck in a fog of to do lists. I don’t know what is worse, the exhaustion or periodically forgetting things. I would like to find a supplement that may help support focus.”

“I can usually convince myself to eat well for three or four days, but by day four or five I find myself caving to bad choices. It feels like my willpower is taxed and I would really like to find a supplement that may help support a balanced appetite”.

“Most nights I sleep reasonably well, but occasionally I end up with a couple nights of bad sleep, which leaves me feeling rundown for days. I would like to find a supplement that may help support sleep patterns.”

“I am not normally an angry person, but lately I have a shorter fuse. I feel frustrated and am struggling with patience. It doesn’t happen all the time, but I don’t want it to happen at all. I would like to find a supplement that may help support calmness.”

“I feel like there is a continual weight on my shoulders. My responsibilities leave me stressed and feeling like I am one step away from yelling, “the sky is falling.” I know that I don’t have to focus on everything. Sometimes I can prioritize and keep things in perspective, but other times it can be taxing. I would like to find a supplement that may help maintain a balanced perspective.”


What People Are Saying!

*Note: These quotes reflect each individual’s experience. Not every person will receive the same results.

  • “I can move more freely and the fog has lifted. I am taking yoga, lifting weights and even taking SPIN classes. Even my close family and friends have noticed how much better I sound and act.”

    M.J., Texas

  • “Although generally my health was good, I didn’t like how I felt when I walked. An acquaintance of mine mentioned amino acids to me. Within a month, I was already seeing improvements. My body felt better and my sleep was fantastic. Now, I feel as though the clock has been turned back 5 years. Everyone says how well I look. I do have some occasional indigestion with the amino acids, but we’re working on that.”

    K.D., USA

  • “I have more control over my eating and struggle less with night-time snacking. As I feel better, I am signing up for more running races than I have in the past and taking more initiative to live a better life.”

    F.B., Nebraska

  • “I still perform the same activities, just with more energy. I have fewer undesirable stress related problems. Before, mental fog was getting in the way of work. After starting NeuroReplete, I had no work issues.”

    P.T., USA

  • “My husband started taking amino acid supplements. Prior to taking these supplements, he was very low energy. Now his is full of energy. He is doing most tasks that he used to enjoy. He is much more cheerful and much more interested in the life around him. Definitely a huge difference!”

    Z.W. & A.W., California

  • “I started taking amino acid supplement because I was having the feeling of being cloudy in my head. I am doing good if I am regular with my pills. There has been a very big difference in my overall mental state and well being.”

    S.R., Wisconsin