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Dosing and Management of Amino Acids

Dosing as easy as 1, 2 and 3…

  We Recommend Always Using CysReplete

Regardless which core product you select, we recommend using CysReplete for its glutathione and sulfur support. CysReplete contains cysteine, which along with the amino acids glutamine and glycine provide healthy normal support as a building block of the powerful antioxidant glutathione. 

When recommending amino acid supplements, sulfur support is important. 5-HTP, dopamine, and L-dopa conjugate (combine) with glutathione. This combination is excreted by the biliary system. Increases in 5-HTP, L-dopa, serotonin, or dopamine may deplete glutathione concentrations in the body. L-cysteine is the precursor of glutathione and supports glutathione formation. We have selected L-cysteine since it is the precursor to glutathione and the availability of cysteine is normally rate-limited.

Are you looking for more information on the benefits of CysReplete? Check out our CysReplete handout. 

  Select Your Core Product 

CHK Nutrition offers two core amino acid products, NeuroReplete and D5. D5 and NeuroReplete contain the same ingredients, except D5 also contains mucuna.  For each patient, providers choose from D5 or NeuroReplete as their source of core support.

D5 is excellent for balanced overall support. Typically, providers that recommend NeuroReplete plan to individualized doses and use an analytical measurement to make dosing recommendations, therefore they find the process easier when starting without mucuna. 

   Start the Dosing

Whether You Select D5 or NeuroReplete, the ideal starting dose is 2 pills of CysReplete (three times a day) and 4 pills of NeuroReplete (two times a day). GI Upset is the most common side effect, we discuss the management of it in the D5 guide and the side effects brochures (links below).

Note: Any dosing levels discussed are meant to help promote and support normal health and wellness.

Start with D5 or NeuroReplete

4 pills in the morning and 4 pills late afternoon of D5 or NeuroReplete

D5 (240 count)  or  NeuroReplete (56 or 240 count)  CysReplete (90 or 180 count)

Noon - 2 pills CysReplete
Late afternoon - 2 pills CysReplete
Evening - 2 pills CysReplete

Do you want more dosing information?

We offer two great resources –

Simple Amino Acids Overview  D5 Dosing Guide

The D5 Guide offers a more in-depth discussion on how to dose with D5, the dosing can be adapted for NeuroReplete. The guide can be downloaded and printed. In addition, hardcopies are available upon request from CHK Nutrition at 877-538-8388

Help Your Patients Get the Most Out of Their Amino Acid Support

  • After starting or changing a dose, see your patients one week later
    • If your patients wait too long between visits, they may be dissatisfied with their amino acid support and lose interest
  • Do not change a dose more than once a week, unless there is a side effect that needs to be managed
    • It can take up to a week before the body has fully integrated the nutrients
  • Instruct all patients to take their first dose of CysReplete after 12 (noon), as there is an increased likelihood of GI upset when taken in the morning.

Encourage your patients to use a pill tracking app, to use alarm reminders or offer your patients a dosing sheet to encourage consistency • Consistent dosing provides the ability to achieve the most from amino acid support. We have created a simple dosing sheet that can be requested direct from CHK Nutrition or found here

Managing Side Effects

Most patients can take amino acid nutrients without any side effects. 

Have a plan to help your patients

The best way to help your patients and to prevent them from permanently ending amino acid nutritional support is to educate them in advance that some patients experience side effects when starting amino acid nutrients.

Information on side effects can be found in Managing Side Effects and The D5 Dosing Guide


Still have questions about dosing levels, side effects or any other issues? 

Call 1-877-538-8388 to speak with our dosing support team. * 

*We respect that your time is in short supply. It is possible to schedule a time to speak to an advisor, some afterhours appointments are available. Please remember as a dietary supplement distributor, CHK Nutrition staff cannot offer information or address questions about disease management. We are proud to offer an amazing product that supports a normal, healthy system.


*DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). CHK Nutrition’s products are not intended to treat, diagnosis, cure mitigate or prevent any diseases. 
Note: The information presented in this guide is not treatment advice. Healthcare professionals should use their best judgment when caring for their patients.


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