What does CHK stand for?

“CHK stands for Clinical Health and Knowledge. CHK Nutrition is more than a name. It is a promise to provide the highest quality products and information supported by scientific and clinical research.

How long has CHK Nutrition been in business?

Our company was established in 2005, but it evolved from clinical research started in 1995. In 1999, the NeuroReplete formulation was established. At the time, the early CHK Nutrition founders hired a company that provided products for a number of well-known brands to manufacture and distribute our patented formulas. However, the lack of direct control meant that it was difficult to guarantee the quality and availability of the products, the reliability of service, and the selection of specialized ingredients (such as our naturally sourced 40% Mucuna Pruriens). By taking control of our manufacturing and distribution, we have been able to hold to our original vision of offering healthcare professionals scientifically researched and clinically supported nutritional products sourced from the highest quality ingredients.

Have CHK Nutrition’s Amino Acid Formulations been clinically tested?

Yes, CHK Nutrition’s Amino Acid Formulations have been tested in pre-clinical and clinical studies.

Where are these scientific studies found?

Peer-reviewed scientific studies testing CHK Nutrition’s amino acid formulas can be found in the following journals, as well as on PubMed and Dove Press websites:

  1. Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment” (Multiple Studies)
  2. “Book: Food and Nutrients in Disease Management”
  3. “Open Access Journal of Urology”(Multiple Studies)
  4. “Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment” (Multiple Studies)
  5. “Clinical and Experimental Gastroenterology”
  6. “International Journal of General Medicine” (Multiple Studies)
  7. “International Journal of Nephrology and Renovascular Disease”
  8. “Healthcare and Patient Safety”(Multiple Studies)
  9. “Clinical Pharmacology: Advances and Applications” (Multiple Studies)

Please note: These studies are intended to support structure-functions claims made regarding CHK Nutrition’s products. The studies may involve findings that discuss uses that go outside CHK Nutrition’s product labeling and product structure-function claims. This information is NOT presented to make drug claims about CHK Nutrition’s products. The intent of providing this information is to disseminate the scientific literature currently available about the CHK Nutrition products and the structure-function claims that we offer. Please read these studies to understand the strengths and limitations of the data.

Important: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any disease.

Where is CHK Nutrition located?

CHK Nutrition is located at 3930 East Calvary Rd in Rice Lake, which is just outside of beautiful Duluth. In the last 7 years, we have moved twice, taking us from a cramped four room office to a spacious office with a warehouse.

Are CHK Nutrition’s products manufactured in the United States?

Yes, CHK Nutrition’s products are manufactured in the US.

Has CHK Nutrition ever had an issue with the FDA?

In 2010, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cited CHK Nutrition for promotional claims with which the FDA took exception. The FDA did not call into question the safety or effectiveness of CHK Nutrition products. CHK Nutrition prides itself on its compliance with FDA rules and regulations. Our commitment to quality has always been and continues to be unwavering.  We have respect for the FDA and are in good standing. Occasionally, we receive questions from Healthcare professionals and patients about the FDA matter. Click to read more regarding this matter.

I am having trouble swallowing the capsules, can I open them up?

Yes, you certainly can. We do not recommend opening CysReplete capsules as they are sulfur based, which results in a very strong, unpleasant smell and taste.

For the remaining amino acid products, they can be mixed with any cold, cool or warm food or drink. We do not have research indicating whether or not the efficacy would change due to heat exposure. It is important that you consume the entire mix to get the full dose.

With what can I mix my Mucuna Powder, Tyrosine Powder, or opened capsules?

You can mix any of CHK Nutrition’s Amino Acids with anything you eat or drink as long as it is not too hot and you consume all of what you have mixed them in.

We do not recommend opening CysReplete capsules as they are sulfur based, which results in a very strong, unpleasant smell and taste.

Can the amino acids be mixed with hot items – such as coffee, soup, or baked into a meal?

For items over 200 degrees Fahrenheit, we have no research indicating whether or not the efficacy would change due to the heat. We have anecdotal reports that people felt the integrity of the products were maintained in hot items but nothing to support these assertions. If you do mix the products with hot items, be certain to consume everything you have mixed in them.

How are your capsules derived?

All of our capsules are vegetarian capsules, made from cellulose.

If a patient is concerned about the cellulose from the capsule, is there another option for patients looking for the benefits of CHK Nutrition’s products?

Yes, the capsules can be broken open and mixed into a food or beverage, as long as you continually mix and consume the entire food or beverage it was added to. However, it is not advised that you open the CysReplete capsules as the Cysteine is sulfur based and has a very bad taste.

What allergens can be found in CHK Nutrition supplements?

Corn is found in the D5, Mucuna 60 and 120 count bottles and Mucuna Powder.

Can the general public order CHK Nutrition Amino Acids and Vitamins?

CHK Nutrition sells to Licensed Healthcare Providers only.

I am interested in establishing an account with CHK Nutrition, where should I start?

We have three convenient ways to establish an account for Licensed Healthcare Providers.

#1. You can call the office at 877-538-8388 and we will be happy to email you NEW HEALTHCARE PROVIDER ACCOUNT form.

#2. You can visit our website at www.CHKNutrition.com, on the left hand side of the page you will find the General Forms and Documents click there, it is labeled as New Account Form.

#3. Also online at www.CHKNutrition.com, on the left hand side of the site click on Contact Us, choose the box that is labeled as Healthcare Providers Click Here, a new tab will open and you can fill out the required fields and send the form on to us. We will contact you (most often, the same day) to finish establishing your account.

I Just set up my account with CHK Nutrition, how can I order products?

  • Call our toll free number 877-538-8388 (8:00am to 5:00pm CST) outside of those hours? Feel free to leave a message.
  • Fax a completed order form to 218-626-1890 (order form can be found online)
  • Email your order to toni@chknutrition.com
  • Order online www.CHKNutrition.com (for established accounts that have acquired a password)

You have the Quick Order Page or use the log in page for the long order form option

What is the cut off time for shipping orders out same day?

Orders must be placed no later than 2:45 CST to allow our staff to get your packages put together and shipping labels prepared.

What are the fees associated with shipping product?

Standard: If you are within the 48 states, you will not pay shipping on any order over $300.00 (unless expedited) there is a $9.00 shipping fee on a standard three day package delivery. Alaska and Hawaii, you will pay not pay shipping on any order over $400.00 (unless expedited) there is a $20.00 shipping fee on a standard two day package delivery.  FedEx will not deliver to PO Boxes.

International: You will pay the cost of shipping on all orders, International customers are also responsible for any additional customs fees.  We offer 50% off shipping on orders of $400 USD and greater.

Drop Ship Orders: Most drop ship orders are sent by USPS as it is the least expensive method of residential shipping. You will pay the exact cost of shipping, which is available once we have the patient’s full name, complete shipping address and telephone number (for delivery purposes), the shipping cost is not immediately available as it is based on the weight and destination of the package.

COD Orders: All C.O.D. orders are billed $12.50 plus the cost of shipping, which also includes the return of your payment.

FedEx Two Day, Two Day A.M., Overnight, Priority Overnight, First Overnight and Saturdays (not available in all areas) Are all billed the exact cost of shipping.

All shipping options (which are available in the delivery address area) are final as of 2:45 CST as packages leave our office via FedEx Express and USPS promptly at 3:00 pm