What our Manufacturing Expectations Means for You

Manufacturing Expectations

We have a long-standing relationship with our contract manufacturing plant. Over the years, they have made it their goal to exceed our expectations and the requirements of their NSF and GMP certifications.

Here is what you can expect from the relationship that we have built with our contract manufacturer:

  • We maintain a quality agreement with our manufacturing company that outlines our expectations, as well as identifies each company’s responsibilities
  • We have access to the records pertaining to each of our products. With each batch, we can confirm checks and rechecks at each step of the manufacturing process, which allows us to confirm continual oversight and attention to detail.
  • With the help of a compliance auditor, we conducted an independent, on-site audit of our manufacturing facility in late fall 2018. Our next audit is planned for early spring 2020. This audit is in addition to the independent third-party audit conducted by NSF and multiple other organizations that confirm compliance with certifications. Our site audit is beneficial because we can personally confirm our expectations are being properly managed.

Here is what our manufacturing plant provides:

  • Product consistency and conformity to expectations. They use safe manufacturing practices, which impacts all areas of quality and safety.
  • All raw material suppliers are vetted based on their record of accuracy, lack of contamination, safety and quality
  • All raw materials are bought at our specifications, they will not contain unwanted contaminants and will meet our purity and extraction requirements
    • All raw materials are tested to ensure exact product identification – to ensure that they provide what they promise and do not contain any unwanted materials
    • All raw materials are inspected and quarantined to ensure quality prior to being released for production
    • Random samples of our products are pulled throughout the production process and tested in the lab.