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Below are some of the resources we offer (For any resource, they may be printed or multiple hardcopies are available upon request): 

 An Overview to Amino Acid Support:

* a critical resource 

D5 Dosing Guide – A Great Introduction

This 42 page booklet discusses how to select from our two core products, NeuroReplete and D5. It provides fundamental information on the benefits of D5, how to recommend D5, the level of quality we require of our supplements, the scientific foundation of our supplements, as well as an overview of the most common side effects. 

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Patient Resources/Materials:

Optimized Brain Health Brochure and Patient Brochure (Trifolds)

Both trifold brochures offer patients an introduction on how amino acids support healthy, normal brain and gut health.

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Patient Dosing Sheet

This two-sided form is a great way for your patients to track their supplements. On the first page, you indicate the supplements, amounts and time that you recommend. On the second page, the patients are able to mark what they have taken and make notes on how they feel. 

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Powder Conversion Sheet 

This page offer quick information (without prices) on converting from pills to powder. It addresses both Tyrosine and Mucuna powder.

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