RepleteExtra provides additional normal brain support. It is intended to provide additional balanced nutrients to support normal serotonin and dopamine beyond D5 and NeuroReplete.  RepleteExtra is formulated without the co-factors found in D5 and NeuroReplete to avoid hypervitaminosis.

Available: 120 Count Capsules

Supplement Facts

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Product Overview


RepleteExtra provides additional balanced nutrient support of serotonin and dopamine beyond NeuroReplete.  RepleteExtra is formulated without the added co-factors found in NeuroReplete to avoid hypervitaminosis.

Health Applications

  • RepleteExtra provides additional balanced nutrients to support serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine production
  • RepleteExtra supports healthy neurotransmitter levels
  • RepleteExtra promotes brain health and wellness
  • RepleteExtra promotes post-synaptic neuron firing
  • RepleteExtra supports a normal feeling of well-being
  • RepleteExtra supports normal appetite
  • RepleteExtra supports normal sleep
  • RepleteExtra supports normal memory and learning
  • RepleteExtra promotes normal control of movement
  • RepleteExtra promotes normal balance
  • RepleteExtra pills supports normal motivation
  • RepleteExtra supports normal focus
  • RepleteExtra supports nutrient needs associated with addiction

RepleteExtra is intended to be used with NeuroReplete. RepleteExtra is not recommended unless the complete NeuroReplete dosing is in place (8 pills total, see NeuroReplete for dosing information). RepleteExtra should only be administered when a medical evaluation by a healthcare professional determines that the nutrients in RepleteExtra are appropriate for the patient’s healthcare plan.

Suggested Dosing

Pregnant or nursing women should consult with their healthcare professional before taking RepleteExtra or CysReplete.

Ingredient Quality