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We have several resources available that will inform and help you integrate CHK Nutrition products into your patient support plans. 

Below are some of the resources we offer (For any resource, they may be printed or multiple hardcopies are available upon request): 

 An Overview to Amino Acid Support:

* a critical resource 

Overview of Amino Acids

Product integrations and dosing overview. 

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*CysReplete and Sulfur Support

CysReplete supports glutathione and systems using sulfur. Regardless of which core product (NeuroReplete or D5) you utilize, we recommend using CysReplete. This document offers an overview of the importance of sulfur support and discusses how CysReplete is an economical way to ensure the body has the sulfur it needs.

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*Managing Side Effects

Some patients (typically 3 to 5%), initially experience some mild side effects when they begin taking amino acid supplements.  This document shares the possible side effects and how to manage them if they should arise.

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Amino Acids at a Glance

This two sided sheet shows the ingredients in each of our amino acid  products.

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Patient Resources/Materials:

Optimized Brain Health Brochure and Patient Brochure (Trifold)

Offer patients an introduction on how amino acids support healthy, normal brain and gut health.

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Optimized Brain Health Brochure and Patient Brochure (Trifold)

Offer patients an introduction on how amino acids support healthy, normal brain and gut health. 

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Patient Dosing Sheet

This two-sided form is a great way for your patients to track their supplements. On the first page, you indicate the supplements, amounts and time that you recommend. On the second page, the patients are able to mark what they have taken and make notes on how they feel. 

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Powder Conversion Sheet – Patient Version

This page offer quick information (without prices) on converting from pills to powder. It addresses both Tyrosine and Mucuna powder.

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There are two additional flyers available to our Healthcare Provider customers. 

Mucuna Powder Volume Discount Flyer
Powder Conversion Savings Versus Capsules Flyer

Give us a call or send an email or fax requesting you would like a copy emailed to you. 

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Resources for Logistics:

Shipping Options

Take a look at the shipping options we have available to you. Our options include standard, expedited, next day, direct to patients, and even free to qualified orders. 

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Scales Flyer

For patients that utilize our powder products, a digital scale is highly recommended to ensure the correct dosing.  This flyer shows the digital scales we offer.

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Most healthcare professionals opening an account were referred or found us because of our long-established history with amino acid research and high quality, well-established amino acid formulations. Over the years, we have expanded our commitment to other nutrients, with the same attention to scientific research and production quality. We are proud of the wide range of products we offer as part of the New Day Line. However, we know that most providers first come to us because they are interested in learning about our amino acid products. Therefore, this email primarily focuses on our amino acid line. 

In the last twenty years, research examining the health benefits of amino acids has continued to increase. Our research began in 1995. CHK Nutrition was one of the first companies to commit to scientifically researching the various ways that amino acids can support health. This research led to numerous peer-reviewed research articles that support our structure-function claims. We were started by licensed medical doctors. Our mission has always been to support healthcare professionals and their patients; therefore, we continue to exclusively offer our products to licensed healthcare professionals.

Terms and Conditions & Website Policy

The basics - like when do orders need to be placed in order to ship the same day, considerations when offering products on your website, what forms of payment we accept are just a few of the details covered. 

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Do you still have a question?

We are here to help you. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our phone number is 877-538-8388. You can also email Dave@chknutrition.com. For questions that he is unable to answer, Dave will send your email to the correct person. 

From our entire team at CHK Nutrition, thank you for your time and interest in our products.

CHK Nutrition’s products are not intended to treat, diagnosis, cure, mitigate or prevent any diseases.