Why do our product formulations work so well?

They supply balanced administration of serotonin and dopamine support

D5 and NeuroReplete contain co-factors known to support the conversion of these amino acids into their respective neurotransmitters. These co-factors include vitamin C, vitamin B6, folate and calcium.

Our clinically researched formulas are designed to offer your patients precision and ease. Many patients report that in addition to enjoying the health support, they appreciate that their lives have not become over-run by the numerous pill bottles that would be necessary if they tried to piece together these formulas.

Most of all, patients appreciate our commitment to quality, the dedication to independent testing and the commitment to ongoing research.

By supplying our clinically researched amino acid formulations with co-factors know to support brain, gut and overall health, D5 and NeuroReplete can provide your patients with the confidence of quality while make dosing much easier.

Remember: Select between NeuroReplete or D5 for a patient. Do not use both at the same time.
Unsure how to dose? Click to see our Dosing Overview Document: –    Overview of Dosing