How Scientific Research Supports Quality

Our company was founded by medical doctors focused on offering their patients scientifically researched, premium nutrients at a time when nutritional supplement research was still in its infancy. But, the problem was greater than just research. Even when research found promise for a nutrient, many times it was difficult to find products that contained what they promised or weren’t at risk of being contaminated.


From this desire, our lead medical doctor at the time reached out to like-minded doctors and scientists to design our current formulations. Research and evaluation continue to ask the question, “Are these nutrients the best way to support brain, gut and overall health?” 

With this question, we seek to consider quality, consistency, purity, and satisfaction with overall health support. 

We only use ingredients that are generally recognized as safe and scientifically proven. This qualification is supported by scientific and medical literature. We are particularly interested in how our natural ingredients are extracted. Not all extractions are equal, which means that they do not always result in the same active ingredients. We expect our products to support optimal normal health, therefore we insist on the highest level of quality, manufacturing and testing to ensure we meet these goals.