Seeking a Premium Nutritional Supplement?

What should I look for in a brand to ensure I am purchasing a high-quality nutritional supplement?

This question can be broken down into two areas: 

     1) Are you receiving the ingredients and amounts that match the label 

     2) The quality of the product in the supplement. 

We need to start with a short disclaimer.  Our expertise deals with the production of nutritional supplements produced domestically in the United States. We do not claim that products manufactured in the U.S. are better, we leave those decisions to the individual buyer. But, we have chosen to have our products manufactured in the U.S. because of the transparency, oversight by government agencies, and the availability of high-quality, third-party testing facilities. 

In the United States, reliability starts with the manufacturing plant’s certifications, which should include the GMP or cGMP (Good Manufacturing Process and Current Good Manufacturing Process) certification that identifies the manufacturer meets specific qualifications set by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).   

The diagram below illustrates the many steps our experts have developed as part of our quality assurance.. This process ensures our nutritional supplements meet high expectations for premium products.

We want to make a final comment regarding the raw products used in many nutritional supplements.  Even though a product is manufactured here in the U.S., the raw products often used are sourced from suppliers overseas. It is critical to ensure quality raw products at the beginning of the manufacturing process by performing the first four steps in the above QA process

We share this information to help you determine if the brands you encounter meet commonly accepted practices for premium nutritional supplements. These added steps mean added cost. But, this quality is part of the value you receive because the most expensive products are the ones you pay for and don’t deliver what you are expecting. 

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