Sulfur Support and CysReplete

This is our fifth introductory email sent to all new CHK Nutrition accounts. The contents of this communication discuss the importance of using CysReplete.

In order to prevent sulfur amino acid depletion, CysReplete is recommended whenever the following formulas are administered:

  • NeuroReplete (contains L-tyrosine)
  • RepleteExtra (contains L-tyrosine)
  • D5 (contains L-tyrosine and L-dopa)
  • TyrosineReplete (contains L-tyrosine)
  • Mucuna 40% (contains L- dopa)

The impact of sulfur depletion from L-tyrosine and L-dopa may not be immediately evident.

The amino acids, L-tyrosine and L-dopa, utilize sulfur when supporting normal neurotransmitter levels. The body does not store excess sulfur. Therefore, without replenishing, sulfur depletion can occur. The loss of adequate sulfur may show subtle changes in immune, metabolic and protein health that slowly decreases health over time.

Cysteinewhich is found in CysReplete and contains sulfur, is an important multi- functional nutrient which works throughout the body to optimize normal health and wellness.

  • Cysteine supports normal immune health.
  • Cysteine promotes normal, healthy glutathione levels, which supports any area where glutathione is a concern.
  • Cysteine plays an important role in catalyzing many important metabolic cycles.
  • Cysteine supports normal protein synthesis and structure.
  • Cysteine supports normal, healthy hair, skin and nails via collagen production and keratin.

Cysteine is one of two amino acids that contains sulfur. Sulfur is an important and naturally occurring element found in every cell of the body. Cysteine’s role as a sulfur donor allows it to impact many areas of normal health.

The body does not store excess sulfur. For optimal normal health and wellness, replenishing the body’s sulfur supply via an optimal diet and supplements can have a profound impact on health.

Sulfur has a low toxicology profile. Ensuring there is enough sulfur is important to normal immune health.

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Cysteine is the most cost effective sulfur supplement. When comparing the number of sulfur molecules obtained, cysteine provides more sulfur at a lower cost than other sources of sulfur.

CysReplete contains cysteine, along with selenium and folic acid. Selenium is important when using cysteine supplementation because it supports normal neuron health by interfering with the undesirable binding of methylmercury to cysteine. This is a fact that many cysteine supplements have overlooked.

CHK Nutrition’s ongoing commitment to quality and reliability means that our products contain the highest quality ingredients and is manufactured under our strictest expectations.

The recommended dosage of CysReplete is two pills, three times a day with the first dose at noon.

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