The Best Ingredients Begin with Knowledge

Know the Supplier

We know that quality begins at the source. We greatly care about who provides our raw ingredients. Ingredient suppliers vary in terms of attention to detail, testing, accurately reporting their certificate of analyses, hygienic practices and on the nefarious side, some even alter their substances to try and “beat” testing. 

We actively work to understand the unique quality practices of producing and processing raw ingredients. Our manufacturer works tirelessly to use appropriate testing to ensure that a supplier is worthy of being considered trustworthy. When a supplier is “vetted” as being a worthy source for ingredients, they have passed numerous tests. They must consistently provide products that meet specifications, match their certificates of analyses, having good practices, and not alter their products.

Even with the promise that a supplier is vetted, all ingredients (active and inactive) products are still held (quarantined) until each is verified and confirmed safe.

Know the Science

We only use ingredients that are generally recognized as safe and scientifically proven. This qualification is supported by scientific and medical literature. We are particularly interested in how our natural ingredients are extracted. Not all extractions are equal, which means that they do not always result in the same active ingredients. We expect our products to support optimal normal health, therefore we insist on the highest level of quality, manufacturing and testing to ensure we meet these goals.