The Proof is in the Pudding

This term really has to do with evidence. The idea that you could prove or provide evidence that the pudding was good by tasting it is the basis of this familiar idiom. 

We like this idiom because we imagine that if someone took more bites, if there was a problem, the evidence would change the puddings label and the pudding would be labeled as bad and disposed.


Therefore, we seek more data points to confidently confirm that our products are good.

We have five different tests that relate to product quality and purity.

Raw Ingredients

All of our raw materials, both active and inactive, are tested for purity, as well as contaminants. We want our products to contain exactly what we promise and nothing more. 

Testing during the manufacturing

Every batch is tested for consistency. We want one pill to be as consistent as the next.

Finished product testing

Every batch is tested to ensure that consistency, purity, and conformity have been maintained. In addition, our products are tested to ensure no microbiological contamination was introduced during the manufacturing of our product. We want to ensure that you receive what we promise. 

Independent third party testing 

Before CHK Nutrition products ships to our customers, each completed lot is evaluated by an independent testing facility to verify that product specifications fall within the approved guidelines. This independent testing is our double check that we are ensuring that you receive what we promise. 

Stability testing

We have conducted stability testing on our products to ensure that what is on the label will still be in the bottle when the product expires. We want our products to be as reliable on the last day of recommended use as the first day.

No products will be approved for sale unless they pass all of our testing expectations.