L-dopa has an important role in providing normal support to the catecholamine system

  • L-dopa crosses the brain’s protective layer.
  • L-dopa (naturally sourced from Mucuna) is effective at normally supporting dopamine assuming that adequate levels of L-tyrosine are present. Therefore, many healthcare professionals choose to use L-tyrosine as a supporting base and increase Mucuna levels when they determine that addition dopamine support is needed. *

* A tyrosine base is essential due to the fact that it has the unique ability to maintain normal L-dopa levels without fluctuations when supplementing with L-dopa. L-tyrosine’s ability to maintain normal L-dopa levels is essential for consistent, normal catecholamine levels. Until recently, L-tyrosine’s importance was not well understood, making it an often overlooked nutrient for supporting catecholamine health.

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